Update on The Howl

The school store was set to open in September, four months later and its doors remain closed.


A look at The Howl from the outside.

Elkhorn North Principal Dan Radicia said that the school store would be opening in September. Although, it is now December and the store still isn’t open. What is the reason for the delay?

In September Radicia said The Howl wasn’t open because of staffing issues, and that Sodexo is working on increasing their staffing in order to staff lunch programs around the district. Months later, a labor shortage is still to blame. 

Our primary responsibilities are to ensure that breakfast and lunch are served at each school and currently all of our staff are necessary just to fulfill those responsibilities,” Jim Hilton, Sodexo Executive Chef, said. 

When Elkhorn North’s school store does open, students can look forward to coffee, frozen yogurt, snacks, and lots of food and beverage options. 

An opening date for The Howl is hard to estimate because of the uncertainty of staffing issues, which has only gotten worse since COVID-19 cases in the district spiked once again. Although, there is hope district-wide that high school C-stores will be able to open soon.

“We are still hopeful The Howl will open this year so ENHS students and staff can enjoy all that it will offer,” Hilton said.