Athlete of the Week: Owen Hess

Into Elkhorn North’s early baseball season, Owen Hess has been a huge contributor to their success.


Photo by Mallory Ringenberg

Owen Hess pitched a highly skilled 4 inning shutout against the Roncalli Pride. Aidan Ettlemen later came out to finish the game, and allowed zero runs.

This week’s Elkhorn North Athlete of the Week is Elkhorn North’s JV baseball star Owen Hess after many successful games and nominations. 

Overall North JV baseball is 6-2 on the season thus far. Hess plays a huge role in the JV’s success especially on the mound. In their game against Roncalli, Hess played a phenomenal game leading their victory 11-0.

Not only does Hess have skill, but he also works hard. His work ethic is just one of the things that make him different from the rest. 

“He helps to get the best out of everyone and just makes the team better overall,” sophomore Tyson Fancher said.

Pitching has been the overall motive for Hess, and he has had a lot of success.. He takes his time outside of school and regular baseball practices to work on his pitching and fielding. 

“Owen is a go-getter and he works really hard to earn everything that he has worked for,” Fancher said. 

The future’s looking bright in the early season of Elkhorn North baseball for Hess. He is talented, athletic, hard working and strong.