Take 2, Action!

Movies are finally coming back in 2020 after suffering a loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marcus Theaters at Village Points

Photo by Marcus Theaters

Marcus Theaters at Village Points

By Colin Keith, Reporter

Lights, Camera, Action! Movie theaters finally  opened back up after shutting down due to COVID-19. The movie theater AMC opened up and is using older movies as of now. Other theaters are also opening up but you have to wear a mask.

Many people love to go watch movies on the weekend when a new movie comes out. When family friendly movies come out they get a lot more people coming to see movies in theaters but now most parents won’t want their kids to go for a while.They wouldn’t want them to go back right away because COVID is still a thing and they could get it from germs. There had been great movies in the past and many cinemas would make a lot of money for the amount of people who would come. Now, they can only have a limited capacity so people won’t be able to go to a certain movie on the opening night.

Now that people can see movies in cinemas they are showing older movies to start off, but as new movies are made they will advertise and show those. Then, as the pandemic slows down, the capacity will slowly increase in the rooms. Caleb Jefferson said that he will go back to watching movies with friends in the cinemas.

Kaden McCandless said, “I can’t wait until I can go back to theaters and see movies again.” Many people are probably thinking the same thing right now since many teens would go see movies on the weekends with their free time off of school. Caleb Jefferson thinks that movies were an escape from normal stressed life. He also said, “When going to movies right now, it is less of a social environment.” 

People that love to go watch movies will go see many movies even during this time. Some people might’ve made at home movie theaters and made friends or family pay to watch. 

Student Carson Reinhart said that, “Movie theaters are normal except for the tape in between seats.” Carson also thought that the process of getting your ticket was smooth and quick. Another thing is that he said that, “The concessions line was distanced and seemed to take a bit more time to get through but was good other than that.”

2020 Movie Tenet

The theaters are putting out some newer movies like Tenet. It is an action/thriller movie.  AMC is having people be able to buy tickets in advance but also still able to get tickets in person. Many theaters are going to be having movies that were going to release during the time of quarantine. They would be taken off some platforms like Disney Plus or Netflix and put into theaters for a while. Many movies were put onto these places so people would stay into movies. These platforms allowed people to enjoy movies while theaters weren’t open.

Movie theaters will be fully coming back. It will just take time to fill the cinemas back up on premiere nights and many other nights too. COVID will pass after a while. Everyone just needs to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands. Kaden McCandless said that, “It was fun having a whole theater room by ourselves and being able to be loud.”