Roller Skating Rosonke

A feature exploring Ms. Rosonke’s life inside and outside of school.


Ms. Rosonke with her roller skates.

By McKenna Ostler, Reporter

Where is the one place in the school where you can throw mud on the table, and get a grade for it? The art room. Madeline Rosonke is the mastermind behind the art program at Elkhorn North Highschool. 

She has been teaching for 6 years, and teaches the 2D and 3D classes at school. “I love teaching ceramics, “ said Rosonke. Ceramics is a weird medium, and it lets the students be creative and free with their work. She enjoys seeing what the kids create, and being able to teach them about working hands on. 

“I am obsessed with roller skating,” said Rosonke. Outside of the art room, Ms. Rosonke can be found roller skating. Her favorite types of skating are jam skating, rink skating, and skating at skate parks. 

“My favorite type of art is acrylic painting,” said Rosonke. She not only teaches art, but makes some of her own projects and various forms of art.

Ms. Rosonke has many crafty and artsy skills. “I crochet… I also have an Etsy,” said Rosonke. On her Etsy, she makes numerous amounts of jewelry. 

 “My favorite things I do are in my sketchbook,” said Rosonke. For her, a sketchbook is sort of like a visual journal. It’s nice to have written journal entries, but Rosonke can tell a story and remember specific events in her life through drawings and sketches. 

Rosonke has been passionate about art since she was a young child. She began by repeatedly drawing portraits of her family. “We had reams of paper of me trying to draw my parents when I was four,” said Rosonke.

“I decided I wanted to be an art teacher in 10th grade,” Rosonke said. While she has been zealous about the arts her entire life, it wasn’t until her sophomore year that Rosonke decided to continue this desire of hers throughout her life. 

To some, art may be extremely challenging, but with practice, she believes that anyone can make beautiful art. “I truly believe that art is just like any other skill,” said Rosonke. 

When asked what tips she has for aspiring artists, Rosonke said, “Do it everyday.” It may seem simple, but it will end up paying off. 

 “The first class that I felt really good in,” said Rosonke. Throughout high school, she didn’t feel very confident in most of her classes. In art class she

One of Ms. Rosonke’s drawings out of her sketch book.

was able to express herself and felt better about the work she was doing.

She loves telling people about her job and what she does for a living. “I feel like people have very fond memories of art class, “ said Rosonke. A lot of people have created good memories in the art room, and Ms. Rosonke likes being able to share that with others. 

“Ms. Rosonke is such a nice and genuine teacher. She truly cares about her students and wants the best for us,” said sophomore Ava Hearty. Rosonke has left a positive lasting impression on her students. 

There are many parts of teaching to be grateful for, but for the art teacher, it all comes down to the students. “… the relationships that you make with students,” said Rosonke. She has been able to make great connections with the students each year she teaches.