Where Johnny Is, So Is Dan

It is hard to avoid your dad when he is the Principal.


By Morgan Brickell, Reporter

In school, students are held to very high standards by their parents. They wake up everyday and are expected to go to school and learn. After that they come home and are expected to do studying and homework.

School is an escape at many times for kids to get away from the burden of their parents, but this is the opposite for Johnny Radicia. For almost two years now he has seen his dad almost every day at school. Dan Radicia, Principal at Elkhorn North High School, is Johnny’s dad.

Dan Radica and Johnny Radica Side by Side

Johnny Radicia knew this would become a reality in his life since he was five years old. “We moved from the Millard South Area,” said Radicia. “We’ve always known he wanted to be a principal,” continued Radicia.

He knew his dad had the idea in mind ever since then. His family, other family members, and himself were excited to see him take on this role. This idea that his dad would become his principal became reality as he took on high school two years ago.

Inside and outside of school, Johnny Radicia is interested in sports, and building things. When he is older he would like to be an engineer or an architect. But as he grows into this the pressure is heavier on him than an average student since he is the principal’s son. Radicia thinks that the teachers think more highly of him because of his family status. This is the only thing that changes for him. 

Many would think that Johnny gets benefits that regular students don’t considering his dad is in charge. But this is not the case at all. Though his dad is the principal, Johnny doesn’t think he has special privileges. “No I don’t think I really do, maybe I don’t have to wait in line to go into the office,” said Radicia. He is treated as any other student in most cases, but the pressure falls on him more than anyone. 

Most importantly, Johnny enjoys having his dad as the principal. “The expectations make me strive,” said Radicia. Having his dad as the principal puts pressure on him, but in the end he likes it because it helps him reach further in accomplishing things in school. Radicia would rather have his dad as the principal than to not. Everyday Radicia enjoys seeing his dad, and he thinks that it is cool that he gets to see him so often. 

Moving from Elkhorn High School, Radicia is happy that his dad followed. “Yes, I am happy he came here, most people like him,” stated Radicia. Without his dad being the principal he does not think that life would change that much. He thinks that he would be in the same spot as he is now whether or not his dad was in charge. 

These next years for both Radicias will be some they will never forget.