Fun and Easy Places to Work in Summer


Photo by Zach Moresette

Zach Moresette’s truck of mowing supplies.

Most places in the US require someone to be at least 15 to start working. Many high school students fit into this range, the one problem can be finding the time to work as a student. During the summer would be the perfect time to get lots of money as a student because the worry about school and homework is long gone. 

There are many places that can be seen as summer jobs for high school students around Elkhorn. The first is lawn service such as mowing lawns. Mowing a lawn can be done by one person with his/her own small business, or it can be through an even bigger business. For Zach Moresette, junior, he works with a small group of other high schoolers under Jacob Harrison’s company. 

“It’s time-consuming, but pretty simple and lots of fun,”  Moresette said. It can be long days in the sun with lots of manual labor, but the finishing look of clean-cut grass is satisfying to almost everyone. He was able to find this job by Harrison reaching out to him, asking if he would like to work with him. A student could also mow lawns on their own for their neighbors or good friends to make money. 

If a student is into baseball and looking for a job, umping may be the job for them. It makes good money, around $30-$40 a game, umping as many times a day as wanted. “Baseball is more of a summer sport so there are plenty of opportunities to ump games, and they are very flexible if you are busy,” Tommy Meckna, freshman baseball player, said. 

Not only would a student make money, but they would enjoy getting to watch the younger kids, ages 10-12, play and get to help them. “It’s fun to get to help the younger kids play and watch them learn the game,” Meckna said. With their flexibility, it’s possible to pick up any game that works for a student’s schedule if they are involved in their own activities over the summer. 

Looking for a place where the whole town of Elkhorn visits? Dairy Chef is the place to be as a member of the Elkhorn Community, so working there would allow a student to see friends and teachers while working. It requires no experience with previous jobs, and pretty easy to apply. 

Maizy Jones, sophomore, had her friends mention the job to her so all she had to do was pick up an application and she had the job. “It gets really busy, but it doesn’t get stressful because it is a well-run company,” Jones said. The usual shifts in the summer can be morning through four, or four till closing. 

There are many other options to work, these were just some of the Elkhorn North students who love their job. When summer begins students should take advantage of that, and look to find a way to make some money.