Humans of Elkhorn North: Will Ferrington


By Kendall Backora, Reporter

Will Ferrington has played basketball since he was five years old. The freshman has aspirations to play college basketball for Creighton one day. 

“I play for OSA and over the summer I was on the top team. Now I’ll be playing for high school,” Ferrington said. “It’s definitely my favorite hobby.” 

He takes inspiration from his favorite basketball player, Steph Curry.

“He just makes every shot he takes,” Ferrington explains. 

Along with basketball, Ferrington plays soccer for Gretna and will play for Elkhorn North as well for his freshman year. He is also involved in student council, which he joined to be more involved in the school. 

His goal, besides basketball, is to become an engineer. On top of that can do a rubix cube in about 14 seconds. 

Based on his involvement and hardworking attitude, it is clear Ferrington will definitely make an impact on Elkhorn North throughout his high school career.