The Janitorial Staff of Elkhorn North

An inside look into the certain responsibilities that goes into being a janitor that not everyone knows about.


Photo by Landon Mahnke

Caution sign outside of the bathroom. Photo taken on Monday November 15, 2021.

Hardworking, attentive, and respectful. These three words describe the janitors here at Elkhorn North. From cleaning the bathrooms to sweeping the locker room floors, the janitorial staff put detail into everything they do. 

The janitorial staff work five days a week and are constantly cleaning one thing after another. Many people describe a janitor’s job as boring or gross but Jason Langemann classifies it as consistent and flexible. 

“It’s a really good job because it’s steady and good for my family,” Langemann said. 

Langemann has been working at Elkhorn North since it first opened. Langemann describes his day as eventful and busy due to the amount of space that he has to cover. With as big of a school as it is, keeping the school clean can be hard work and tiring, but Langemann enjoys what he does on a daily basis. 

“I like to stay busy and I think that this job takes care of that, but not to an extent where I am overworked,” Langemann said. 

Sophomore Grace Jesske thinks that the janitors are a very important part of the school. Jesske, being a very organized person herself, likes to clean but not other people’s things.

“I give the janitors a lot of credit for what they do because not everyone has what it takes to clean someone else’s things,” Jesske said.

Jesske describes the janitorial staff as hard working and detailed individuals who are very good at what they do. Even though Jesske doesn’t know the janitors personally, she respects the amount of work they do in order to keep the school clean. 

“I acknowledge the fact that they are here every day and put in just as much time and effort as everybody else,” Jesske said.

The janitors start the day by wiping the cafeteria tables and making sure that there isn’t any food or stains seen. Then they check to make sure that the bathrooms are clean and ready to be used. Sweeping and mopping the floors is another responsibility that they take care of as well.

“The start of the day is pretty hectic but then things start to settle down as the day goes on,” Langemann said.

Langemann describes his time here as cherishable and a great experience that he will never forget. Langemann likes to see everybody and make sure that everything is clean and running smoothly so that the school looks like it did when it was first built. 

“Keeping everything clean is my favorite part of this job,” Langemann said, “I really like to see the amount of progress that I have done throughout the day.”

Through it all, the janitorial staff at Elkhorn North keep the school clean and organized so that the students have the best learning experience available. All the janitors should be appreciated for what they do every day to make the school a better place.