Humans of Elkhorn North: Shan Acharya

A look into the senior, Shan Acharya’s, life.


Senior Shan Acharya is known best around Elkhorn North High School as being “the big guy”. Acharya’s 6’5 height and muscular frame make him stand out from the typical student. This has helped him earn many achievements in football, such as starting on the offensive line for Elkhorn North and being a Division 1 recruit. 

Acharya wants the student body to know, though, that premeditated opinions of him are not always true. He may come off as scary, but really, Acharya is a caring person.

“I notice how they are doing [his peers]. I just hope they know they always have someone to talk to and I’m more than happy to share my experiences with them,” Acharya said. 

Acharya also wants to be known for his hard-working attitude. Before he was born, Acharya’s parents immigrated to the United States from Nepal for a better life. This made him grow up with the mindset that he has to work hard in order to make his parents feel like coming to America was worthwhile. 

Acharya not only tries to make his parents proud in football, he also takes a rigorous class schedule, filled with many AP classes. He is also a member of National Honors Society. 

Outside of school and football, Acharya has many hobbies like fishing and golf. He is also a very avid Harry Potter fan. Not only has he seen all of the movies, he has also read the entire series three times. Ron is his favorite character because he is always there for comedic relief and is hardworking in the stories, something Acharya feels he can relate to in his own life.