Wolf of the Week: Jenna Polking

Freshman cross country athlete Jenna Polking recently placed in the top 15 at state cross country, showing what the Wolves can do in a time of difficulty.


Freshman Jenna Polking racing in the front of the pack at the Class B State Championships on Friday, October 21.

Freshmen phenomenons are nothing new, and this shows in Elkhorn North, which has a history of freshmen with advanced athletic ability across many different sports. One of these phenomenons is this week’s Wolf of the Week, Jenna Polking. 

Making her first state appearance, Polking placed 14th in Class B, making her the second-fastest freshman in Class B this year. Polking’s success and confidence while running increased throughout the season as she made her way up the rankings and proved herself at state cross country. 

“I think her success at state was pretty incredible considering most of the time at state, for freshman, it is very nervewracking, so you see a lot of them implode,” Head Cross Country Coach Jordan Fuglestad said. “With Jenna, she doesn’t really get phased by anything and she ran a really smart race, which is really impressive, especially for a freshman.”

The state meet is where people either rise to the occasion or crumble under pressure, which causes many coaches to preach a positive mindset. Coach Fugelstad made sure to work on a positive mindset for the varsity athletes that qualified for state. 

Only two freshmen placed in the top 15 of the Class B Girl’s State Cross Country Meet including Polking. With unideal conditions, a positive mindset is a must, which allowed her to rise above the rest. 

“I think she deserves how well she ran at state, she’s worked really hard all season and she’s an amazing runner,” freshman varsity teammate and long-time friend Paityn Christoffels said. 

With Polking’s success, she helped her team to finish third at state and prove their talent as a team. 

“Jenna is such an encouraging teammate,” sophomore Ella Ford said. “She’s always bringing positivity to the team whether it’s at practice or a meet. She’s such a great addition to the girls varsity team and I know that I personally am so grateful she runs cross country.”