Humans of Elkhorn North: Jacob Horner


A picture of Jacob Horner. Photo Credits: Molly Bruggeman

Jacob Horner is a junior at Elkhorn North who loves to run. Along with running, he also participates in swimming and SADD. Horner’s favorite subject is math because it comes easy to him. Having good grades is a daily practice for Horner to do well in school which encourages his motivation. 

“I’ve always wanted to have good grades, so that just kept my passion for pretty good grades as well as an incentive to do well in school,” Horner said. 

Horner is working towards going D1 in track, possibly at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Most of his family went to this University leading him to want to succeed there, too. His parents are the ones that Horner looks up to the most.

He has had most of his college life planned out since he was a child. When Horner is not up and moving, he is relaxing, usually sitting on the couch or taking a nap. Horner’s favorite childhood memory is relaxing and watching Saturday morning cartoons. 

“Oh man, I watched a lot of SpongeBob, I’ll be honest,” Horner said. “That was a good one.”

Finally, Horner finds his main source of happiness to be food, and who could blame him!