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Breaking News: Teenagers are Addicted to Coffee


Photo by Anja Kovacevic

Wells Johnson and Grace Tanner with their coffee orders.

By Sami Frost, Managing Editor

More teens are drinking coffee now than they have in the past. At Elkhorn North, 81.1% of teachers drink coffee at least four times a week, and 32.3% of students.  

“When I went to school I don’t remember anyone, none of my classmates or my friends, we never drank coffee in high school,” Laura Feller, FCS teacher at Elkhorn North, said. Now, everyday teachers see students bring in coffee to class whether it’s from home, Dunkin’ Donuts, Scooters, or Starbucks. 

The growing number of teens who drink coffee could be caused by the increasing amount of flavors and types available to custmers. “For example you can get frozen, iced, or hot coffee with foam or not with foam,” Paige Willcoxon, daily coffee drinker, said. 

There is an abundant amount of choices now, so people who like different types of coffee can all enjoy. Most consumers don’t like plain black coffee, so the increasing popularity is in flavored, sweetened drinks. 

The reasons why teenagers drinking coffee is so common now are inumerable. “I do think there are more teens who drink coffee now because it is more of a trend and might make people feel more mature,” Ava Johnson, regular coffee drinker, said. 

A lot of parents are less strict and more open-minded about what their teens do with their life. This freedom could allow teens to start drinking coffee. 

Students are also very busy with homework almost every day, so they could lose sleep and need the energy coffee provides. 

“We live in an area where there’s Scooters and Starbucks everywhere, so it’s very convenient,” Feller said. 

Coffee has countless benefits, such as extra energy, antioxidants, boosts metabolism, reduces depression, improves focus, and can fight type 2 diabetes and cancer. Although it also has its risks, mostly on younger consumers, like increased blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety, acid reflux, and sleep disturbance. 

Johnson, freshman at ENHS, drinks about 3-5 cups a week, and mixes her coffee with milk. Her mom used to own a coffee business, so she makes it at home since she has all the necessary supplies. 

Willcoxon, junior at ENHS, drinks about 7-8 cups of coffee a week and mixes it with a little creamer. She typically gets it from home, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Scooters. 

Making coffee at home saves a lot of money compared to buying your favorite drink at a popular coffee shop. The most popular drink at Starbucks, a medium vanilla latte, is $4.15. If a customer were to get this drink just three times a week for a month, that would add up to almost $50.00 a month on coffee alone. 

Although, there are methods to saving money when customers go to a coffee shop. Such as Dunkin’ Donuts Perks, Scooter’s Loyalty Rewards, or Starbucks’ Rewards. With these, customers can scan a code in the app at checkout and get points towards free drinks. Willcoxon enjoys these perks offered by Dunkin’. 

The number of teenagers who drink coffee has been heavily increasing throughout the past. There are abundant reasons for this, but it isn’t seen as a necessarily bad thing.