Unique Collections of Elkhorn North

Students at Elkhorn North have collections to show off.


Shanna Hudgins’ Harry Potter Collection (Photo Courtesy of Hudgins).

By Maddie Ellis, Editor-in-Chief

Many people have a collection of some sort, whether it is large or small. While having collections can sometimes be seen as being different, it is no different from any other hobby. There are many students at Elkhorn North who have major collections of various items, but not all of them are willing to show them off to others. 

Unlike most, sophomore Shanna Hudgins, an Elkhorn North sophomore, is extremely proud of her collection. Hudgins has a passion for collecting Harry Potter wands and other movie replicas. She first began collecting back when she was in 7th grade, because her dad also was a big movie prop collector. Also, she has loved all things Harry Potter since as long as she can remember.

At the moment, Hudgins has a pretty big collection of Harry Potter movie props and replicas. Specifically, she has four wands, a sorting hat, the Marauder’s map, a Time-Turner replica, an acceptance letter, a Hedwig stuffed animal, and a Gryffindor scarf. Along with these various replicas and movie props, she also has a photo wall containing pictures from a variety of movies, including Harry Potter.

Shanna Hudgins’ photo wall of various movies. (Photo Courtesy of Hudgins).

Another collector, Chloe Mullinax, an Elkhorn North junior, collects antique hand fans, a collection she started around one or two years ago. This collection began when her mom gave her a hand fan that she had found, and it sparked an interest. Currently, her collection consists of six hand fans, mostly from antique stores. 

Hand fan collection of Chloe Mullinax. (Photo Courtesy of Mullinax).

Collecting items, especially specific items such as movie props and antique items, can require searching in multiple stores and on the internet. For Mullinax, it usually takes going into various stores, including antique stores, to find more fans for her collection

Along with just wanting to have more items, the majority of collectors all have an overall goal for their collections. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, Hudgins’ goal for her collection is “to one day collect all 67 wands and all the Deathly Hallows, and all 7 of the Horcruxes”. 

But, some collectors really don’t have a main goal and just collect to collect. Mullinax said, “I don’t necessarily have a goal. I just collect cause I feel like it, and no one has attempted to stop me”. 

To some people, having large collections of something can sometimes seem different or unusual, but there is nothing wrong with having a passion that is different from most. Hudgins said, “Collecting wands and props from Harry Potter is very nerdy, but I love it so I embrace it”.

Thankfully, most people don’t think twice when someone collects something. When asked about other people’s opinion on her collection of hand fans, Mullinax said she was shocked because no one has found it weird. 

All types of hobbies require a large amount of passion in order for them to work out. Not only does collecting require passion, but it also requires time. Collecting can take up a lot of time and effort, but the journey of collecting is what makes it so fun.