Junkstock: Way More Than Just Junk

The semi-annual flea market celebrated its tenth year this spring with hundreds of vendors from around the country.

From handmade jewelry to fresh honey to antique “junk” to vintage clothing, Junkstock never fails to have something for everyone. With a variety of food and drink options, activities to keep the kids busy, all sorts of handmade items, and so much more to offer, visitors will never get bored when spending a day at the semi-annual festival.

Occurring every spring and fall, Junkstock offers 200+ vendors offering products varying from vintage items, thrifted clothing, handmade jewelry, home decor, art, and more. With as many vendors as there are, there really is anything visitors can imagine at the festival.

There is stuff to do, see, and eat for all ages. Starting off with the kids, they are free to get in (twelve and under, that is). Especially since tickets can be a little bit pricey (ten dollars per adult), this can relieve a little stress for parents and guardians.

It is well known that children love sweets, and Junkstock does not fail to provide this. Kona Ice, Sycamore Donuts, and The Sugar Shack are just a few of the many food vendors that kids (and adults) enjoy at the festival. 

The list of food options goes on and on, and there is something for everyone. With basic flea market foods such as lemonade, kettle corn, funnel cakes, hot dogs, roasted nuts, and sno cones, Junkstock also has different types of food to offer. Some interesting food vendors included a deviled egg food truck, gyros, deep fried Oreos, and barbecue. 

Along with many booths catering to children’s desires, Junkstock also offers activities to keep the little ones busy. The bounce houses especially are always packed at the flea market.

The location of Junkstock is beautiful, located just outside of Elkhorn at an old horse farm called Sycamore Farms. Vendors are located outside, in the old stables, in old barns, and in various buildings. Since most of the surrounding areas are made up of dirt floors, the smartest decision an visitor can make is to wear comfortable shoes that they won’t mind getting a little bit dirty.

One of the best parts of this festival is all of the dogs visitors will see. Junkstock is pet-friendly, and many visitors love to bring their puppies around to shop at all of the different vendors. 

Some of the most popular items at Junkstock this Spring were clay earrings, thrifted T-shirts and sweatshirts, and different women’s clothing boutiques.

There were basic booths with items such as home decor and clothing, but there were also booths with very interesting items. One booth in particular had animal skulls, venus fly trap replicas, skunk and squirrel skins, and many other weird items. The vendor made it very clear that every item on display was free to be touched by kids, which was strange to hear since most vendors did not want their items being handled by children. 

One of the most popular vendors at the festival is always the old double decker bus that was transformed into a vintage clothing store. Although there are many converted buses that are used as shops at the flea market, this one is especially popular, since most people would be very interested in going into a double decker bus because of how rare they are to actually see. 

When visiting Junkstock, festival-goers can eat, drink, view, and buy anything they can imagine. From creepy antique dolls, macrame plant hangers, beautiful art, vintage clothing, and much more, the semi-annual festival is an extremely popular and high-rated event in the entire state of Nebraska. Rated almost five stars on Google, it is obvious why it is such a popular and growing festival.