Finals Put Into Question

Finals are the tests at the end of the semester to examine the content retained by students in school over a longer period of time. The question is, are they really worth the stress they put on students?

Students stress for weeks out about finals, thinking it could either make or break their grade. While this could be true if one is on the borderline, it most likely will not move a semester grade much, unless the grade is dropped.

“I feel like it either drops your grade a ton, or doesn’t move it at all, no matter how good you do,” sophomore Ryder Kyle said. 

Many people think this test is not necessary because of the way the test is set up. Students are given time in advance to prepare for the end of semester test and to study everything from the previous semester. 

Some people believe it is not effectively examining semester information retained by students. If a student does not remember what they have been taught and has that time to review and pack information, they most likely will forget it over winter break or summer anyway. 

“People pack information they didn’t know before to pass. It has become something that is basically learning to pass your test then move on,” sophomore Jon Doscher said.

As years go by students tend to put less and less effort into learning. This could have something to do with the use of technology to find answers or new priorities that have come. 

“It just isn’t the same. When students learn information they either retain it or they don’t,” junior Drew Broady said. “Having a big test at the end of the semester most likely won’t help that.”

Not only are finals not reliable to test retained knowledge of a student, they also cause stress that in the end is not worth it. Places like Panera, Village Inn, Starbucks, and Scooters fill up with students studying for their final.

“I have gone to Panera every year to spend hours studying for finals, that in the end does nothing to my grade,” junior Olivia Nye said.

The stress put on students is overwhelming.

“All of us stress so much about it when at the end of the day it’s not a big deal,” Broady said. “I have to admit though it does feel good to study really hard and succeed.”

Drew Broady studying in his room for finals.

While most students dread the thought of finals it gives studious students a chance to reflect positively on their semester. 

Finals most likely will never go away but there are ways to adjust them to modern standards. 

For example, midterms to test information learned from the quarter only instead of a full semester would not only help lift stress from students, but also give them a better chance at learning and keeping information for future events. 

It would make it easier for students to remember stuff if tested on it closer to when they were taught it rather than four months after. 

Broady said, “The idea behind finals is good, if reformed.”