DEI: Elkhorn’s Newest Club Addition

A new activism club has taken root in Elkhorn schools.


DEI taking a club picture.

By Kendall Backora, Reporter

As a new school year kicks off, so does a new club: DEI. DEI stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The club is launching off its first year at Elkhorn high schools. 

“It’s a really safe space for anyone who wants to get involved,” Sophomore Nolan McCormick said. 

McCormick is the president of DEI and joined the club because of the message. 

“I wanted to be a part of something that saw everyone as equals and sees the good in everyone,” McCormick said. “I feel like our school doesn’t have enough of that.”  

He leads the club’s leadership team which consists of two vice presidents, a secretary, and a treasurer. Every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., DEI meets in Melissa Peterson’s room, H017. 

“I’ve always been kind of an advocate but I’ve always been interested in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by kind of seeing people as people instead of like these different groups that some people like to divide us into,” Club sponsor Melissa Peterson said. “I just really want to see all of us find ways to be a more inclusive community and space. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re left out or being picked on or targeted because of a part of their identity.” 

At club meetings they discuss the daily bulletin and what activism is taking place at that time. 

“This month is Latin Heritage Month, so we are learning about that,” McCormick said. 

They also are working to create lessons once a month that will be presented in TA. Each Elkhorn high school is assigned to a month and will take turns interviewing students and researching to create videos that educate the student body on topics of their choice. 

“Our goals are definitely to bring more awareness to different cultural identities, different religions, different beliefs, and then also make people feel more welcome and more comfortable discussing some of these topics that people are a little nervous about,” Club Sponsor Melissa Peterson said. 

DEI plans to host events, bring speakers, and maybe even invite members of the community to speak about their culture. They want to celebrate different cultural events and learn about different identities. Peterson says she hopes to make the school a more inclusive environment for everyone. 

Signs made by DEI members for teachers to hang in their classrooms.


“At this moment we are focusing on the school but I think we will try to branch off and focus on the community too,” Senior Audrey Koske said. 

Koske joined DEI because it had a good message. As the club treasurer, she manages the money to make sure there is enough to participate in any activities they decide to do in the future. They are always welcoming of new members. 

“Anybody who wants to join the club, you can at any time in the year,” Koske said.