Wolf of the Week: Zander Limbeck

After his hard work in practice and showing off his amazing bowling skills, Zander Limbeck was chosen by his peers as this week’s Wolf of the Week.

“He bowled a 201 yesterday at our bowling meet. He’s a hard worker and he helps the team win at competitions,” teammate Jon Doscher said.

Limbeck makes many great contributions to the team by always striving to do his best in practice and at the tournaments. He works hard to improve his skills during practice so that he can do his best at the tournaments.

“He encourages everybody to do their best, and he helps everybody out during practice,” teammate Addison Curry said.

Limbeck got second place overall at the bowling tournament on Wednesday at the Sun Valley Bowling Alley in Lincoln. His hard work in practice is paying off and helping him succeed at the tournaments.

“He’s easily one of the best members of the team,” Doscher said.

His teammates appreciate his hard work and they all love to support him during their tournaments. They all see that he tries hard to do his best for the team in practice and at the tournaments.

“He’s a good guy, a good bowler, he knows what to do, and he doesn’t fold under pressure,” Curry said.